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On Saturdays for 5 weeks the Ryde Secondary College has been the home of ballet dancers, tap dancers, school groups, dance school groups taking part in the 2019 City of Ryde Eisteddfod. Many appreciative parents, teachers and friends in the audience have enjoyed the performances - but so too the adjudicators who had to decide winners and placegetters in a very competitive field.

The final day - September 7th, was scholarship day - and big prizes were handed out, generous sponsor for this event being the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.

At the Senior Ballet Scholarship the adjudicator Ms Virginia Ferris was very impressed by the high standard of all the dancers. Congratulations to all our entrants and pictured are our Winner Lauren Young from Mosman Dance and Rachel Ainsworth from Sydney College of Dance plus our very talented finalists.

In the Junior Scholarships adjudication was by Ms Melissa Aurisch - ballet teacher and former performer with West Australian ballet. She is shown with Estelle Crompton-Lamb (left) and Runner up Giselle Kotlyar. Both dancers are from The Dance Spot.


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Nicholas Reefman, who performed in Ryde Eisteddfod all through his childhood -in both instrumental and vocal fields where he excelled.

He is now a touring “one-man band”  - raconteur, singer, player of ukelele, trumpet, piano accordion (composes all his own material) and now calls himself Niq. Dawn Nettheim contacted him and was told he took a whole year off from music after the ‘hot-house’ sort of education he received, and in that time, reinvented himself, so to speak.

Photographs of Niq from a recent recital, including one with Dawn Nettheim.


The Speech and Drama scholarships offerings include the 2RRR Scholarship in News Reading, the skills from which have enabled winners to go on to employment directly in news media but also in areas which value this experience.

An example of how valuable this can be is from Ryan Atkins as he describes in the soon to be published book about the first thirty years of Ryde Eisteddfod:

"It built my confidence as a performer and confident speaker and gave me the joy  of performing. …

In 2014 I won the 2RRR Radio News reading section which started my love of working on radio.

After completing the radio course, I went on to host a breakfast programme on 2RRR.  Working at 2RRR taught me so many skills and helped me move into commercial radio. I'm currently working at NEWFM broadcasing an evening programme."


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The Edna Wilde Scholarship was set up by Ryde City Council to mark the contribution made by its hardworking and long serving councillor, Edna Wilde OAM, on the occasion of her retiring from council.   Edna is keen this be shared across all disciplines - look for criteria in the various disciplines

All  registered users accounts are cleared in November  New accounts need to be set up at the start of the new year.

However all information on the site is accessible without registration.


Volunteers always welcome, Contribute now - learn more about the many different roles volunteers can undertake - see the menu item "Volunteering"

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Help and General Information

Need help? or lookng for some more information? Have a look at CONTACTS to get email addresses or phone numbers. Look at GENERAL INFORMATION topics to find out details about dates, adjudicators, rules, events …

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Ryde City Council provides the North Ryde Community Centre in Cox's Road, the West Ryde Community and Station Street Halls in West Ryde and is currently developing a major performance space at Top Ryde. In the meantime the Eisteddfod is using other halls in the area including Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.

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Stories from Past Competitors

Have you a story to tell from your performances at Ryde Eisteddfod. Send it in to publicity @rydeeisteddfod.org and ask for it to be included

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