CLICK on the event on the correct day to upload the audio file - mp3,wav or aiff ok.  BUT be sure to rename it to the event number_competitor number.  e.g. Competitor 4 in section 120B would rename the audio file as 120B_4

Saturday July 16 Classical Vocal Solos - Juniors Only

All events - but make sure you label the file correctly - see above.

Sunday July 31 Amplified Vocal Solos


120A Amplified Vocal 10 & U


120B Amplified Vocal 12 & U


120C Amplified Vocal 14 & U


120D Amplified Vocal Solos - 15 & over


123 RX Performance Factor


Monday August 1 Amplified Vocal Solos

108AVocal Duet (Amplified )14 yrs & under


121A PopRockJazz Solos_12 & U


122A Own Composition (Pop-Jazz Vocal) 14&U


122B Own Composition (Pop-Jazz Vocal)   (Open)


Tuesday August 2 Amplified Vocal Solos

121B PopRockJazz Solos_16 & U


121C PopRockJazz Solos_OPEN


 Sunday August 7 Seniors (50 Plus) Events Cox's Road

All events

 Instrumental Events - Only with Special Permission - and correctly labelled (see above)

Special events authorised by Convenor/Coordinator Upload

Dance Events - PLEASE LABEL sound files correctly - EventNum_CompetitorNum

e.g. 326D_1, 326D_2, ....

Saturday 23 July

326D Modern Expressive/Lyrical Solo 13 yrs
328E Contemporary Dance Solo 14 yrs
306C Contemporary Group 14 & U
328D Contemporary Dance Solo 13 yrs
326E Modern Expressive/Lyrical Solo 14 yrs
304C Modern Expressive Group 14 & U
308D Jazz Group 14 years & U
333F Jazz Solo 13 years only
333G Jazz Solo 14 years only
301A Dance Group K-2
301B Dance Group Primary 3-4
301C Dance Group Primary 5-6_Mixed
327 Modern Expressive/Lyrical Solo - Open age
329 Contemporary Dance Solo - Open age
301D Dance Group Secondary Jazz
301F Dance Group Secondary Other Style
301E Dance Group Secondary Contemporary


Saturday 30 July

321B Classical Ballet 7 years only
321C Classical Ballet 8 years only
324A Demi-Character 8 & U
321D Classical Ballet 9 years only
321E Classical Ballet 10 years only
333A Jazz Solo 8 years & under
333A Jazz Solo 8 years only
333B Jazz Solo 9 years only
324B Demi-Character 9 yrs
302A Classical Ballet Groups - 10 & U
324C Demi-Character 10 yrs
308B Jazz Group 10 years & U
333C Jazz Solo 10 years only
328A Contemporary Dance Solo 10 & U
328B Contemporary Dance Solo 11 yrs
306A Contemporary Group 10 & U
326A Modern Expressive/Lyrical Solo 10 & U
304A Modern Expressive Group 10 & U
326B Modern Expressive/Lyrical Solo 11 yrs
326C Modern Expressive/Lyrical Solo 12 yrs
315A Dance Trio 13 & U
304B Modern Expressive Group 12 & U
316A Duo Classical_Lyrical etc. 13 & U


Saturday 6 Aug

321F Classical Ballet 11 years only
321G Classical Ballet 12 years only
324D Demi-Character 11 yrs
324E Demi-Character 12 yrs
302B Classical Ballet Groups - 12 & U
321H Classical Ballet 13 years only
302C Classical Ballet Groups - 14 & U
324F Demi-Character 13 yrs
328C Contemporary Dance Solo 12 yrs
306B Contemporary Group 12 & U
321J Classical Ballet 14 years only
322 Classical Ballet Solo Open age
324G Demi-Character 14 yrs
325 Demi-Character Solo - Open age
303 Classical Ballet Group Open Age
305 Modern Expressive Group OPEN AGE
316C Duo Classical_Lyrical etc. OPEN
315B Dance Trio OPEN


Saturday 13 Aug

323A Classical Improvisation 12 & U
323B Classical Improvisation 14 & U
323C Classical Improvisation OPEN
333E Jazz Solo 12 years only
333D Jazz Solo 11 years only
308C Jazz Group 12 years & U
310 Rap or Hip Hop Dance Group 13 years & U
316B Duo Jazz_Rap etc. 13 & U
331A TAP/Musical Entertainment/Variety 13&U
331B TAP/Musical Entertainment/Variety OPEN
330A Rap or Hip Hop Dance Solos 13 yrs & under
316D Duo Jazz_Rap etc. OPEN
330B Rap or Hip Hop Dance Solos Open Age
311 Rap or Hip Hop Dance Group Open Age
334 Jazz Solo Open age
309 Jazz Group - Open Age
313B Tap/MusicalEntertainment/Variety Group 13 years & under     
313C Tap/MusicalEntertainment/Variety Group - Open Age
307 Contemporary Group - Open age