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003 Richard Gill Commemorative Award

Commemorative Prize involving creation of a new work embracing any number of Ryde eisteddfod disciplines
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Composers/poets/choreographers/speechwriters should have a specific soloist/group able to perform the chosen work(s) if judged as
a prizewinner. In particular it is hoped that schools will encourage their music students and creative arts students to write a work able
to be performed by their own school choir/band/orchestra/dance group. The inclusion of indigenous instruments or themes will be
especially encouraged, acknowledging Richard's work with didgeridoos and other instruments.

A special cash prize will be made for the winning work(s).

  • 003A Richard Gill SOLO Composition - entry fee $15
  • 003B Richard Gill Small Ensemble Composition - entry fee $20
  • 003C Richard Gill Large Ensemble Composition - entry $25

No specific time limit is set for the composition as the adjudication will be made on the composition rather than the on the performance of the composition.  However an indication of expected length of the performed work will be requested at the time of submission.


DEADLINE for ENTRIES - 30th April. DEADLINE for SUBMISSION OF COMPOSITION/CREATION for adjudication - 30th June.
PERFORMANCE DATE(S) at the Eisteddfod - to be chosen during theappropriate disciplines timetabled programme (July-August) in
collaboration with the winner and the performing solo or group.

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