Sign Up for Reminder Emails

Sign Up for Reminder Emails


The Eisteddfod posts its new syllabus at the end of November, but most people don't wish to think about making entries until early in the new year.   Because of school holidays and Easter being placed differently each year it is very easy for competitors and teachers to miss the date - particularly if it is slightly different from the previous year.

The Eisteddfod will send out a reminder email to those who wish to have this reminder at two main times

•  when the syllabus is posted

•  at the beginning of April, with details of the deadline for paper entries and for each of the disciplines (Speech, Vocal … ) involved.

There will be times when convenors will wish to communicate directly with current competitors  but it does not wish to overload people with emails.  

The lists will continue until those who sign up to them wish to unsubscribe.   There will be no need to renew this signup each year, although registrations to the site itself need to be renewed each year.


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