Online Entry

Please keep your confirmation email and note the order number.

As soon as the timetabling is complete (early May) you will have access to the information for every item in this order.

Programmes are NOT sent unless the Posted Programme is ordered (001).  Online Programmes  (001A) will be available from the Download Link after the programming is complete - this will be indicated on the web front page in the middle of May.

To Make a Paper Entry

(Note: If you are happy to make the entry online but just don't want to use a credit card you can do so -
just choose "Posted Cheque" as the payment option when submitting your "shopping cart" of events for payment
- it is a better way to get your information accurately recorded)

  • Go to the Downloads Page
    (which you can use in combination with the online information)
  • If you are not already a Registered User, you will need to register.  If uncertain how to do this  get someone to help you - otherwise download also the form "Manual Registration" from the Downloads Page.
  • Fill in all of the details on the entry form as clearly as possible.
  • Total up the entries and include a cheque for the total amount - DON'T FORGET TO ADD  A POSTED PROGRAMME if you wish to receive one.
  • NOTE: If you do not have your own email address to receive the confirmation email (with order/invoice details)  you will need to pay a surcharge of $1 to cover the cost of postage and handling to get the details posted to you.  
  • Make cheque payable to Ryde Eisteddfod  and attach it to the entry.
  • Post to:
 Ryde Eisteddfod 

PO Box 1073


to arrive NO LATER THAN the specified Paper Entry Deadline for the current year.

NOTE:  The information will be entered for you by our volunteers and your Order/Invoice will be emailed to you at your contact email address (or Posted if no email address - see details of the surcharge above).  

When you receive this you should check that the entries as interpreted by us are correct.  If not  contact 
the Secretary or Convenor of the appropriate discipline (Vocal, Speech, ......) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that corrections may be made by the time timetabling is made.

Your emailed Order/Invoice will have an important reference number  (Order/Invoice Number)  which will enable you to obtain the timetabling information for your entered events Online  as soon as they have been completed - at least 2 or 3 weeks before you are likely to receive a posted programme (if one has been ordered)

If you miss the paper entry deadline , you will need to make an Online Entry before the appropriate Online Entry Closing Date for the current year - and pay by Credit (or debit ) Card.



For anyone who has had difficulty making payments you will have been sent a Payment Request from Paypal.  If you have not received this it may be that 

  • your email address has been entered incorrectly
  • the entered email address is not the one you normally use
  • your SPAM filter has automatically placed the message in junk 

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible and he/she will reinitiate the Payment Request or issue a new one if necessary.  PLEASE INDICATE YOUR ORDER NUMBER and the amount of the order

NOTE:  You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay the Payment Request.  Just hit Pay Now on the front page, check the information on the second page and hit Continue, then on the third page select "No Paypal Account" and you will be directed to enter your credit card details.

Where a posted  entry has been underpaid or , by request, an entry has had additional items added to it,   a Payment Request will have been sent to cover the difference.

Anyone seeking a refund for overpayment (such as accidentally entering multiple entries ) should also contact the online administrator.

If you cannot locate your invoice/order and hence don't know the all-important Order Number you should contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • There is no need to Login if you are not making an entry.  You can complete the process as a GUEST user. 
    If you ARE a registered user choose "Returning Customer" from the checkout page and your address etc. will be automatically filled in for you. There is no actual need to become a registered user unless you are likely to be making multiple entries.  Registered User databases are, from 2014, going to be restarted at the online entry system is made available for the year.
  • There are no extra fees associated with making additional entries, so don't hold up your entry details until the last piece of information comes in.  Make a new entry later.
  • If you accidentally enter the same event twice this will appear as "2" in the quantity box.   You can change this on the Shopping Cart page - but choose the update symbol (the two arrows) to update the cost of the item.   If you have made a mistake in the details it is best to choose the X symbol, deleting the entry,  and then reenter the details as a new event.
  • Remember to add Timing Requests to each event to which they apply - not to the Comments at the end of the form.  General Comments can be made there but they will not normally be added to the information sent to the coordinators when they are considering the timetable.
  • If you have lost your username or password, follow the prompts for help next to  the Login Box on the front page.   Your username will be sent to you via email and you will be able to reset your password.  

NOTE: The Web Syllabus - is our definitive version.  Paper syllabuses are provided as a courtesy and we will try to keep them updated  - please contact us if you find an inconsistency.

This year we are making available an Online Programme - which will be available at the same price as a Posted Programme but will be set up with online links etc. - for use on a phone, notebook etc. 

ETC - Extra Time Coupon

Certain Instrumental Events (marked with an asterisk) and Seniors Events  can have an extra time component added to the time limit.   In any one year's competitions one competitor may purchase no more than ONE of these coupons - equivalent to 2 extensions of 1 minute to each of 2 events OR a  maximum  of 2 minutes to one event.  In the ETC entry box under the competitor name you are asked to identify the 1 or 2 events to which the ETC is to be applied. 

Such coupons are designed to make it possible for students who are already preparing works for other performances (such as the HSC or an AMEB examination) to include performances of these works in their Eisteddfod presentations, without the need to make musically undesirable cuts to these works.

ALL COMPETITORS SHOULD REALISE THAT THE TIME LIMITS ON THESE EVENTS WILL BE CAREFULLY NOTED SO THAT both extended and regular performances do not exceed their time limits.


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