General Information


To enable people to gain quick entry to an eisteddfod venue rather than queuing up at the front desk - or for those who do not routinely carry cash - it is possible to purchase a single day ticket for one or more people, using credit card or paypal.

To select the event you wish to attend go to the Calendar of Events on the front page.

The calendar lists the various sections on that day.   At the top right hand corner there is a green button entitled "BUY TICKET".   This will take you to the standard shop page where you can buy whatever category tickets you wish - adult, concession etc.   Note that admission prices do depend on venue.

When you have completed the purchase you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the purchase - including HALL and DATE.

Either print this out or have it ready to show on your phone or tablet.   Present this to the volunteer on duty at the front desk.