General Information

An  Official Accompanist is rostered on to each section of the Eisteddfod where indicated in Vocal, Instrumental and Seniors events. 

Once the timetable is completed (in mid May) a final list of allocated accompanists and their contact details will be posted here.

 If you intend using this accompanist, you must contact him/her AT LEAST A WEEK before your scheduled performance. If the accompaniment is complex and likely to require multiple rehearsals please make contact WELL AHEAD OF TIME - these accompaniments cannot preclude time for other performers to obtain a rehearsal.

Accompanists are not required to sight-read music on the day, and need time to prepare the item.

Live piano accompaniments ONLY are allowed in sections where an official accompanist is provided. However competitors may choose to use their own accompanist, who will be admitted to the session free of charge.

Vocal Official Accompanists - 2020 - to be posted.  

NOTE - there is no official SENIOR accompanist engaged for 2020 as almost all contestants have opted to bring their own accompanists for the last couple of years.

Audio Backing for Junior Classical Vocal Events

AUDIO ACCOMPANIMENT FOR JUNIOR SOLOS. For junior classical and folk solo events live accompaniment is strongly recommended but a competitor who is 12 or under may bring in their own sound equipment to provide audio backing. This needs to be set up before the section starts - please arrive at least 30 minutes before the section starts to arrange this. NO MICROPHONE may be used.

NOTE: Official accompanists are not normally provided for the Pop/Rock Vocal or Amplified  events, as audio equipment is provided  for CD backing  on those occasions, but singers may provide their own  accompanists if they wish.

Instrumental Official Accompanists - 2020 - to be posted