General Information

Special Admission Passes are available to key people involved in student's participation in the Ryde Eisteddfod.

  • One Teacher Pass to any authorised teachers.  
  • One Transporting Parent's Pass may be ordered by those schools relying on parents to form car pools to get ensembles to midweek events during school hours.   

    NOTE: these passes need to be ordered - Event 004 - and they should be signed and presented at the Admission Desk on Arrival. Admissions will have  a list of eligible teachers and will acknowledge their usage by placing an appropriate discipline sticker on the front (yellow for dance, pink for speech, blue for instrumental and pink for speech).
  • NOTE:Accompanists do not need a special pass to enter - they should identify themselves at the Front Desk on arrival.

Direct Link to Order Special Passes - otherwise go to Online Extras Menu Item