Important Dates

Important Dates:

Eisteddfod Season - July to September

November 30th 2023 - 2024 syllabus becomes available ONLINE

January 14th 2024- online ENTRY becomes  active

April 24th to May 3rd - staggered deadlines for various disciplines.

April 17th - last day for acceptance of posted entries or postal cheques

June 30th - date for determination of age for an event ( e.g. a competitor who is  11 on 30th June is eligible to compete in events as an 11-year-old even if he/she has turned 12 by the time the competition takes place). 

For the current season you should also refer to the Dates 2024 - which give an indication when the events should occur. 

Full details will not be known until the entries in and the events are timetabled.