Scholarship/Special Awards

The Most Outstanding Pianist Scholarship Award

will be awarded on the Piano Finals Evening  to the most outstanding pianist

who has performed in the current Eisteddfod season piano sections in:

  • Section 250 ( Piano Brillante), AND
    • One of the Bach/Baroque Sections  (255/256)
    • One of the Australian composition sections (253)
    • One of the Featured Composer sections
  • any number of other events, ALL of which will be considered in the declaration of the award

A major cash prize for the Scholarship will be awarded at the conclusion of the Piano Finals at the end of the piano competition.

Anyone satisfying the above criteria will be able to be considered for the Scholarship. Finalists may be asked to perform again on the finals evening for overall adjudication of the award.

Previous winners may not be considered until two years have elapsed since the original award, i.e. the winner of the award in 2021 will not be eligible for consideration until 2023.