Scholarship/Special Awards

The Combined Rotary Clubs of the City of Ryde

sponsor two scholarships in the speech events

Junior Rotary Scholarship 14 years and under (Section 520) - Special Cash Prize to Winner and Runner-up

Senior Rotary Scholarship 15 years and over (Section 521) - Special Cash Prize to Winner and Runner-up

 In both scholarships the entrants to qualify

  • must enter and participate in at least 2 other SOLO speech sections , at least one being a dramatic section (.e.g. character solo)
  • perform one Test Piece (see Set Works)
  • perform one Character Recital no longer than 5 minutes (may be the same item as chosen for a previous character recital).  Own Choice. No costume.

Note: A previous winner of a Ryde Eisteddfod Rotary Scholarship may not re-enter the same event until a period of 2 years has elapsed - i.e. the winner  of the scholarship in 2022 may not reenter the same scholarship event until 2024.