Specific Discipline Information



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Specific Rules and Information relating to Dance Events.

  1. Dance Studios are reminded that it is their responsibility to obtain a licence from AMCOS for the broadcast of copyright material.
  2. MUSIC
    • Music with vocals may be used for any item except song-and-dance.
    • Music will be faded out if time limits are exceeded.
    • The competitor's dance music for that event only must be on the CD. The sound technicians will refuse to play any which have multiple tracks. The CD must be cued ready to play when handed in to the registration table. Please do not use CDRW recordings, as they may not work on our equipment. Cassette tapes are no longer accepted.
    • Please have a back-up copy in case of loss or breakage of original CDs
    • All Full Time Dance Students who do not attend a Dept of Education/Private School MUST enter the Open age Sections (applies also to groups).
    • First time dance entrants in Ryde Eisteddfod, please enclose a copy of birth certificate. Age cut-off is 30th June.
    • All Dance Groups entered MUST only have competitors who conform to the age of the Group (our cut off date for competitor age is June 30th). We do not accept an 'average age' of the Group as other Eisteddfods may do.
  4. Cameras, recording equipment and videos are strictly prohibited.
    •   Licensed Video service  available at the venue. Details published in printed programme.
  5. A Section may start 15 minutes ahead of scheduled time
  6. GROUPS - if a group item should feature a soloist or a duo this should not be for more than approximately 8 bars of music or 45 seconds.
    NOTE: In any one event, no School or Dance Academy may enter more than two groups per age or class.   Special permission may be sought from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if a studio has multiple, non-overlapping groups who wish to enter one event where there are limited age ranges offered.   
  7. PROPS - for safety reasons, the use of props is not desirable. If they are essential to the dance, they should be small enough to be hand-held.
  8. School groups - please nominate on entry form if your school accepts only auditioned dancers for the group or if it is open to all comers. This will help us if the sections have to be divided.
  9. STAGE DIMENSIONS - 9m x 6m.   More room is available for large group dancing by drawing the back curtains and wing curtains.   Those wishing to extend the room in this manner should communicate with the Stage Manager before the start of the event.