Specific Discipline Information

Vocal Events Information

Classical Vocal Events - require the competitor to either sing unaccompanied OR sing with live accompanist (normally piano).
NOTE:  A limited CD or other audio backing may be used for junior vocalists but they are required to bring their own equipment and be able to use this with minimum time for setup during the section.  (In 2020 an optional upload of an mp3 file will be included on the preregistration form for these events - this will be played through the hall speakers and it is advised that competitors arrive ahead of the event to check out this sound level).

  • where possible competitors are encouraged to use live accompaniments and the eisteddfod does not take responsibility for the sound levels in the hall.
  • no microphones are allowed in classical vocal performances.

Pop/Vocal and Amplified Vocal  Events  - expect the performer to either sing unaccompanied OR with a backing track.  Microphone is provided and may be used.

Do not use CDRWs.  Do not provide MP3's  burnt to CD  - AND BRING A BACKUP copy of any audio file.   

OPTIONAL UPLOAD of MP3.   In 2020 an option will be made on the preregistration form to upload an MP3 file.

With the continuing development of audio backing methods please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to check the most convenient method of operating for your performance. 

The Eisteddfod does not provide an Official Accompanist for these sections, but a piano is available and the competitors may either accompany themselves or bring their own accompanists. 


ALL competitors in non-amplified vocal sections are required to submit a  copy of their music for the adjudicator. 

A full score must be provided, preferably with bars numbered.  This music is to be handed in at the Registration on arrival at the hall.   Photocopies may be submitted but will not be returned after the event.   Original music may be submitted - and should be picked up from the front desk , together with adjudication report,  after the completion of the event.

Pre-Registration of Music is requested -  this facility becomes available online two weeks before the events are held. 

  • Submission of music details in this way facilitates the registration process for the competitor, enhances the information supplied to the audience and makes it easier for the eisteddfod to keep the eisteddfod running smoothly.   Competitors may alter/edit information of what is to be performed as they arrive at registration, should they wish to do so.   Music details which have been pre-registered will be displayed/announced at the start of each event.   Details submitted on the day may be edited into this information, depending on the time available to do so .  
  • ANYONE who has not preregistered music should make sure that they arrive at the Registration desk NO LATER THAN 15 minutes before the estimated starting time of the scheduled event.