Specific Discipline Information



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Instrumental Events Information (Solos/Duos)

 The categories in this heading are:

  • Strings
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Percussion/Other
  • Piano
  • MultiInstruments
  • Duos

Where possible the sections marked will be separated, with separate adjudicators on separate days.   However, it may be necessary to combine some of these sections  if the numbers of entries do not allow sufficient performance on one day.

If numbers permit finals will be held in the following sections:

  • Strings Open events - on the final afternoon/evening of the Strings sections
  • Wind Open events - on the final afternoon/evening of the Wind sections
  • MultiInstruments - on the first evening of piano events, the heats having been heard during the wind/strings/brass/other or piano sections
  • Piano special events - on the Grand Final Afternoon or Evening of Piano Events.  Special qualifying event for the piano Outstanding Pianist Scholarship Award will be held on one of the earliest dates in the piano competition.


All Wind/String ..... instrumental events  - require the competitor to either perform unaccompanied OR  with live accompanist, normally with piano.  No CD backing is provided or permitted in these events.  

Any competitor is encouraged to bring his/her own accompanist (who will be admitted free to the sessions in which he/she is to accompany).   However an official accompanist is provided in sections where indicated, and you should read the material relating to how to engage/rehearse with etc. the Official Accompanist should you wish to do so.  Very importantly note that the official accompanist is not required to sightread music produced on the day of performance. 


It is likely that no Sound System is provided at the Ensembles Hall - however competitors in these events may provide their own recorded sound accompaniment as an alternative to live accompaniment. A CD player is available at Cox's Road.


A DUO is a performance by TWO instrumentalists - not accompanied by a third instrument.  A DUET performance may include accompaniment by a third instrument.  PLEASE READ SPECIFIC SECTION Information for rules relating to that section.

ONLY ONE GRAND PIANO is provided  so  any piano duos would have to bring their own second instrument.

Definition of "Contemporary" - as applied to Instrumental Sections

… currently works post 1960 would normally satisfy this criterion.


ALL competitors in instrumental sections are required to submit a  copy of their music for the adjudicator.  A full score must be provided.  This music is to be handed in at the Registration Desk on arrival at the hall - OR uploaded as a PDF file at preregistration.  Photocopies may be submitted but will not be returned after the event.   Original music may be submitted - and should be picked up from the front desk , together with adjudication report,  after the completion of the event. Digital copies must be destroyed on both the entrant's computer and the eisteddfod computer.

Pre-Registration of Music is requested -  this facility becomes available online two weeks before the events are held. 

  • Submission of music details in this way facilitates the registration process for the competitor, enhances the information supplied to the audience and makes it easier for the eisteddfod to keep the eisteddfod running smoothly.   Competitors may alter/edit information of what is to be performed as they arrive at registration, should they wish to do so.   Music details which have been pre-registered will be displayed/announced at the start of each event.   Details submitted on the day may be edited into this information, depending on the time available to do so .  
  • ANYONE who has not preregistered music should make sure that they arrive at the Registration desk NO LATER THAN 15 minutes before the estimated starting time of the scheduled event.