Ticketing and Attendance

Photographs and Videos

**Parents and teachers please note you may be breaking the law if you photograph or video performers in the Ryde Eisteddfod**.

  • The recording of any song, play or musical performance which is still under copyright needs a licence from AMCOS, otherwise this body has the power to impose fines on offenders. Please be aware that even public domain works (by long dead composers) may still be under copyright if they have been arranged or re-edited in the past 50-70 years.
  • Child protection and privacy requirements mean that the Eisteddfod has a “Duty of Care” in protecting children from being photographed by strangers or possible pedophiles. Therefore, written permission must be obtained from the parents of every child before a photograph can be taken by someone not responsible for that child (especially in groups).
  • Intellectual property needs to be protected. Choreographers and costume designers are unwilling to risk having their ideas appropriated by others, so written permission needs to be obtained by anyone seeking to photograph dance routines. The curtains may be drawn across performers if it is found that an unauthorised video is being taken during a dance. If this is not possible, there may be other penalties applied, including disqualification.
  • Flash from cameras, or even the awareness that a camera is being focussed, can mean that a performer may feel awkward, or have a memory lapse during the performance. This is very unfair to the performer who is trying to do his/her best, and may be feeling a little nervous at the time.
  • An official video service (AMCOS licensed) is available at the Dance venue for bona fide parents and teachers wishing to obtain a record of their own children’s performances.
  • Special consideration for the videoing of solo performances in vocal, instrumental and instrumental events is available - at the discretion of the convenor of that discipline - see designated videographer
  • Ryde Eisteddfod will make every effort to acquaint people with the above facts, on the website, in the printed programme, and by means of signs and announcements at the venues, but cannot be held responsible for persons who deliberately flout these regulations.