Speech Preregistration

Zoom Speech Information Entry - NO MORE TIME

ALL competitors in speech sections in 2021 are required to enter their performance and contact details online here so that they may be successfully invited to the zoom session for their section.

The details can be lodged by anyone - the performer, teacher, parent or friend. They must know the section (or event number) and preferably the competitor number.   VERY IMPORTANT - we need the email address of the competitor performing so that a) they may receive an invitation to zoom and b) receive an email adjudication report and participation certificate.

In each section they will be asked to provide the title of the work they are presenting - and author/poet  UNLESS IT IS A SET WORK or an unprepared reading or ...

If the competitor changes his/her mind and wants to submit a different work that is fine - the latest to be submitted will be taken.

NOTE: Where a single competitor has entered multiple events and would like to load all of their information into one file and send it they can instead of completing the registration forms below they can download the attachment form, fill in the details there and attach all the copies in the one document and email it off to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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