We have put in many features in our online submission events to guard the privacy of those making those submissions.  

• All youtube listings MUST BE UNLISTED, even if supplied by the competitor.   This is an event replicating a public performance in a hall, with limited audience - it is not for public broadcast. It should also have no indication of name of the performer.   The  title and composer will be displayed to the viewers and the adjudicator will have this information on their adjudication sheet.

• The link sent to the competitor for viewing performances will only include about 3  events in that "session".   It can be viewed at any time until the end of that day but after that will be removed.  This link can be shared with friends and teachers as the competitor wishes.

• All videos must include both video and audio.  However a competitor may ask to have the audio only component able to be "viewed" by other participants - the adjudicator however will see the full video with image and audio.