Instrumental Covid VideoSubmission Timetable

Instrumental Video Submission Timetable

All events are organized with a little reorganization from the original instrumental programme.  Please download (from the Attachments at the bottom of this page ) the BlueOctober.pdf which is a copy of the original instrumental programme with changes indicated for all the events.

No ensembles are included in this timetable  because of the uncertainty about school instrumental ensembles programmes at the end of the year. It is hoped that some bands, orchestras and other ensemble groups might take up the option of sending in a video submission for adjudication and feedback.

Duos and Duets will present a challenge to performers - but they have been included in the programme in case the teachers/performers have some original method of producing a worthwhile video of the performance.   While solo performances should be ONE TAKE (no editing) it is understood that Duos/Duets could be produced as a Virtual Ensemble requiring two parts to be edited together. 

Summary of Events

Day Events Time of Day
Friday 8th October Strings evening
Saturday 9th October Strings all day
Sunday 10th October Strings from 11am
Monday 11th October Winds/Brass evening
Tuesday 12th October Winds/Brass evening
Wednesday 13th October Percussion & Winds/Brass evening
Friday 15th October MultiInstruments evening
Saturday 16th October Piano all day
Sunday 17th October Piano from 11am
Friday 22nd October Piano evening
Saturday 23rd October Piano all day
Sunday 24th October Piano & Duos from 11am
Saturday 30th October Piano from 11am


Competitors are asked to -

  • download the updated programme  blueOctober.pdf - those of you who purchased the original programme will see that it is the programme with notes of changes indicated on it.  NOTE: This was updated on 21st September to contain more detailed information.
  • go to Instrumental Preregistration and submit the details of their performances - including uploading a pdf of their music
  • prepare a video of the solo performance - one take, no details of performer name included in the view.   See below for how to title the video.  It is understood that you may not have a fine piano or a great videoing system but the adjdudicator will be looking for an entertaining performance with whatever you have available.   If you are already set up with good videoing systems do please include pedalling/bowng, fingerwork and playing from memory/using script as best you can.
  • EITHER upload one's own video to own YOUTUBE channel - and include the link in the preregistration information OR upload the video as an mp4 or other video format into one of the folders once available for that section.

• links to folders for uploading videos will appear with links on this page ONE WEEK BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE and remain up UNTIL 48 HOURS BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE.  Videos can be loaded directly in those folders from this menu item.   If submitting links to own YOUTUBE performances this can be entered with the preregistration details - or submitted later as a word document or pdf file with the link on it.


  • NOT CONTAIN any details of the performers name
  • should be labelled with the event number and competitor number - e.g. competitor 1 in section 222C should submit music and video labelled 222C_1.

All string/wind/brass/percussion solos may be accompanied live OR by a backing track OR played unaccompanied.

NOTE:   Video must be a complete performance - video and audio of the performer, to the best recording method at hand.   The adjudicator will endeavour to judge the performance taking into account any recording limitations.

Duos and Duets may be performed live, e.g. with family members as the participants - or they may be videoed separately and combined digitally into one recording .  There should be no  EDITING for  SOLO PERFORMANCES.

ON THE DAY OF THE PERFORMANCE the competitor will be emailed a playlist of performances in their event - which they may view at any time during that day.  They will be emailed a certificate and report for the performance together with details of prizes if these are awarded. 

ADJUDICATORS OVERALL COMMENTS on each session will be made available as a recorded Zoom session and available for viewing at a specified time.

Link to the Instrumental PreRegistration



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