Vocal Covid VideoSubmissionZoom Timetable

There are four days of events - see the downloadable printable programme below

Vocal Covid VideoSubmission_Zoom Timetable

Competitors are asked to

• download the updated programme below

• go to Vocal Preregistration and submit the details of their performances - including uploading a pdf of their music if in the classic vocal sections

• links to folders will appear with links on this page ONE WEEK BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE and remaining up UNTIL 48 HOURS BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE.  Videos can loaded directly in those folders from this menu item.   If submitting links to own YOUTUBE performances this can be entered with the preregistration details - or submitted as a word document or pdf file with the link on it.


  • NOT CONTAIN any details of the performers name
  • should be labelled with the event number and competitor number - e.g. competitor 1 in section 120C should submit music and video labelled 120C_1.

All vocal solos may be accompanied live OR by a backing track OR played unaccompanied.

NOTE:   Video must be a complete performance - video and audio of the performer, to the best recording method at hand.   The adjudicator will endeavour to judge the performance taking into account any recording limitations.

Duos and Duets may be performed live, e.g. with family members as the participants - or they may be videoed separately and combined digitally into one recording .  NO EDITING IS ALLOWED IN SOLO PERFORMANCES.

 Remote Vocal Solo participants will be sent a link to the Zoom session and should take advantage of the 30 minutes allowed before the performance to check that the connection is working.

ON THE DAY OF THE PERFORMANCE the competitor will be emailed a playlist of performances in their event - which they may view at any time during that day.  They will be emailed a certificate and report for the performance together with details of prizes if these are awarded. 

ADJUDICATORS OVERALL COMMENTS on each session will be made available as a recorded Zoom session and available for viewing at a specified time.

Thursday 30 September

113A Junior Vocal 10 & U   Thursday, 30 September 10:00
115A Character Song 7 & under     10:30
116A Folk Song 7 & under     11:00
116C Folk Song 11-13 years     11:30
107A Duet 12 years or under     11:45
116B Folk Song 8-10 years     12:15
115B Character Song 8-10 yrs     14:00
113B Junior Vocal 12 & U     15:00
113C Junior Vocal 14 & U     15:30
111A Sacred Solos 13 and under     17:30
107C Vocal Duet Open Age     17:45
130 - Remote Vocal Solo      19:00

Saturday 2nd October

107B Duet 16 years and under   Saturday, 2 October 10:00
115C Character Song 11-14 years     10:15
111B Sacred Solos 16 and under     11:00
111C Sacred Solos - OPEN AGE     12:30
111D Oratorio - 18 years & over     12:45
112A Australian Art Song 17 & under     13:15
112B Australian Art Song 18 & over     13:16
112C Modern (20th/21st century) Art Song - Open age     15:00
116D Folk Song 14-16 years     15:45
114A Musical Theatre Or Operetta 17 yrs & under     16:00
117 OPEN AGE Traditional Folk Songs     16:45
114B Musical Theatre or Operetta 18 yrs & over     17:30
110C Rising Star Opera Award     18:30
110B Ryde Eisteddfod LIEDER     19:00
110A Ryde Eisteddfod OPERATIC ARIA     19:35

Sunday 3rd October

120A Amplified Vocal 10 & U   Sunday, 3 October 13:00
120B Amplified Vocal 12 & U     13:45
120C Amplified Vocal 14 & U     16:00
121A PopRockJazz Solos_12 & U[A]     16:45
120D Amplified Vocal Solos - 15 & over     17:30
123 RX Performance Factor     19:30
121B PopRockJazz Solos_16 & U     20:30

Monday 4th October

121A PopRockJazz Solos_12 & U[B]   Monday, 4 October 17:00
122A Own Composition (Pop/Jazz Vocal) 14&U     18:00
122B Own Composition (Pop/Jazz Vocal)OPEN     18:01
108A Vocal Duet (Amplified )14 yrs & under     18:15
108B Vocal Duet (Amplified) 15 yrs & over     18:16
121C PopRockJazz Solos_OPEN     18:30
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