Instrumental Timetable Per Order No


Insert Order Number (the number AFTER REOrder-2021-....) into the searchbox. Events will be listed in the same order in which they were entered.

Note:  do not include leading zeros.  So Order RE-2021-0099 should be entered as 99

Note also: You may get extra entries, e.g. if your order number is 99 you will probably see listed also 199, 299, etc.   However all of your 99 order should be there.

NOTE: Instrumental Ensembles events take place at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.  All solo instrumental events take place at the North Ryde Community Centre, 201 Cox's Road, North Ryde.

Ord.No.Event NameC.No.SUBdatetime
31221C Orchestral String Solo 10-12 years[B]17B30-Jul19:15
31222A Orchestral String Restricted 9 yrs & under[A]10A31-Jul12:00
31224B String Solo level not higher AMEB Grade 41405-Aug18:00
31222A Orchestral String Restricted 9 yrs & under[B]13B30-Jul17:00
35221A Orchestral String Solo 7 & U[A]10A30-Jul18:30
35221B Orchestral String Solo 8-9 years[A]11A31-Jul09:00
40251C Piano Solo 8 yrs only[A]13A20-Aug18:00
45221C Orchestral String Solo 10-12 years[A]7A31-Jul10:00
45222B Orchestral String Restricted 10-12 years[A]12A31-Jul14:00
46221B Orchestral String Solo 8-9 years[A]5A31-Jul09:00
47233A Woodwind Solo 10 & U[A]6A07-Aug12:15
49223A Non Orchestral String 12 & U131-Jul15:00
49223A Non Orchestral String 12 & U231-Jul15:00
49223A Non Orchestral String 12 & U531-Jul15:00
49223B Non Orchestral String 13-14 years631-Jul15:01
52235 *OPEN CLASSICAL Woodwind Solo1007-Aug19:31
52233D *Woodwind Solo 15-18 years507-Aug17:30
56255 Baroque Piano Solo 9-12 yrs821-Aug11:15
56257 SUBJUNIOR PIANO CHAMPIONSHIP -10 years or under[A]3A21-Aug10:00
56251F Piano Solo 11 yrs only[A]14A15-Aug16:45