Seniors Timetable Per Order No

Seniors 2022

Insert Order Number (the number AFTER REOrder-2022-....) into the searchbox. Events will be listed in the same order in which they were entered.

Note:  do not include leading zeros.  So Order RE-2022-0099 should be entered as 99,  RE-2022-1234 should be entered as 1234

Note also: You may get extra entries, e.g. if you your order number is 99 you will probably see listed also 199, 299, etc.   However all of your 99 order should be there.


NOTE: Seniors events take place at North Ryde Community, Centre, 201 Cox's Road, North Ryde. Solo events start at 2pm and there is an afternoon break before the ensemble items start at about 4pm

Ord.No.Event NameC.No.SUBdate
331701B *SENIORS Instrumental Solo107-Aug
331706A SENIORS Solo Composition1307-Aug
331702A SENIORS Monologue507-Aug
331706B SENIORS Ensemble Composition1707-Aug
415701C *SENIORS Dance Solo107-Aug
465701A *SENIORS Vocal Solo907-Aug
469701A *SENIORS Vocal Solo1007-Aug
763705A SENIORS Vocal Ensembles1907-Aug
767703B SENIORS Instrumental Duo1507-Aug
782701B *SENIORS Instrumental Solo207-Aug
782702A SENIORS Monologue607-Aug
782702B SENIORS Prepared Speech1407-Aug
782702C SENIORS Prepared Reading307-Aug
794702A SENIORS Monologue707-Aug
797701A *SENIORS Vocal Solo807-Aug
797706B SENIORS Ensemble Composition1607-Aug
802701A *SENIORS Vocal Solo1207-Aug
809701A *SENIORS Vocal Solo1107-Aug
815705A SENIORS Vocal Ensembles2007-Aug
818705C SENIORS Dance Ensembles2107-Aug