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NOTE: Choral events take place at Ryde Civic Centre Hall, Devlin Street.  All solo vocal events take place at the North Ryde Community Centre, 201 Cox's Road, North Ryde.

20115B Character Song 8-10 yrs921-Jul9:00
20120B Amplified Vocal 12 & U105-Aug15:30
20120C Amplified Vocal 14 & U65-Aug17:00
20108A Vocal Duet (Amplified )14 yrs & under45-Aug15:00
59120C Amplified Vocal 14 & U95-Aug17:00
59121B PopRockJazz Solos_16 & U[A]9A5-Aug20:30
94110A Ryde Eisteddfod OPERATIC ARIA1028-Jul15:30
94110B Ryde Eisteddfod LIEDER128-Jul14:00
94111D Oratorio - 18 years & over1028-Jul17:00
94112A Modern (20th/21st century) Art Song - Open age821-Jul14:30
113114A Musical Theatre Or Operetta 17 yrs & under121-Jul13:30
113108B Vocal Duet (Amplified) 15 yrs & over15-Aug15:20
119101C School Choral -Secondary102-Aug12:00
119102 Rosalind Carlson Choral Championship42-Aug15:00
119106 Ryde City Council Choral Award22-Aug19:45
126110A Ryde Eisteddfod OPERATIC ARIA728-Jul15:30
126110B Ryde Eisteddfod LIEDER428-Jul14:00
126111D Oratorio - 18 years & over428-Jul17:00
126112A Modern (20th/21st century) Art Song - Open age621-Jul14:30
141108A Vocal Duet (Amplified )14 yrs & under35-Aug15:00