Volunteer Tasks

Door takings

  1. Cash box and a float of $300 provided; also tickets of various denominations. Please sell these to all incoming audience.  Note:  From 2013 it is also possible for tickets to have been purchased online - these can be shown by an entrant either as a printed ticket OR as a mobile phone receipt.   These should be noted.
  2. Competitors and their accompanists enter free of charge. 
  3. Teachers' passes are available for bona fide teachers.Transporting Parent Passes are a special pass for Parents providing transport for school groups on CHORAL, BANDS and ENSEMBLES days (i.e. midweek during school hours). They should be signed by the holder and be presented on entry.   Note: Teachers Passes have an associated serial number.   This should be recorded - and the date of validity checked - as they are presented.
  4. Representatives of businesses and clubs who have sponsored an event have been invited to present prizes. Please welcome these people - and introduce them to the Stage Manager. Do not charge them an entry fee. They are honoured guests.  GOLD SERE TICKETS - may be presented at Special Events.  In some cases these will be presented by Sponsors.   However do make such recipients feel welcome - and offer them a session programme if that is available.
  5. Programmes are available at the price printed in programme.
  6. Season tickets are printed on coloured cards (prices as shown on the card). Particularly at the earlier sessions you might encourage family members to purchase a Seasons Ticket instead of individual daily tickets if they are likely to be attending on a number of days.
  7. Daily tickets are printed on paper and gummed in pads, numbered consecutively. Prices as shown on the tickets. Please sell them in consecutive numbers to enable the treasurer to keep account of number sold.  PLEASE NOTE: different colour tickets are sold on different days - look at the code under the lid of the black cash tin to see which colour you should be using on a particular day.
  8. At the end of your shift please sort the money into 
    • a float of $300 consisting of coins and small denomination notes. Leave this in the cash box. 

    • the rest of the takings  a bundle or bag to give to the treasurer or the section manager

  9. At the end of the day please fill out the "door returns" slip and hand everything to the section manager